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      911 Tribute & Salute to our Troops who are serving in 

"Operation Enduring Freedom" and  "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

We must never forget those who were lost on September 11th, 2001 

As you view the images Click Here and Listen to a 9/11 remix 

We Will Never Forget

"War has been waged against us by stealth and deceit and murder.  This nation is peaceful, but fierce when stirred to anger.  This conflict was begun on the timing and terms of others.  It will end in a way, and at an hour, of our choosing." President George W. Bush, Sept. 14th, 2001


8:00 am September 11th, 2001              9:15 am September 11th, 2001


World Trade Center victims jumping to their deaths to avoid the flames

Second Plane impacts                               South Tower Collapsing


                  South Tower crashing                      Smoke & Ash enveloping Lower Manhattan

N. Tower Collapses and the W. T. C. is reduced to rubble, claiming over 3,000 innocent lives 


New York Firefighters raise the Flag at "Ground Zero"  


Aftermath of the World Trade Center buildings collapsing


American Airlines Flight #77 Crashes into the Pentagon killing 189

Flight #93 crashed in a field in Pennsylvania after passengers overpowered the terrorist, no one knows how many lives these heroes saved. "Let's Roll" were the last words heard before everyone onboard were killed in the crash


The President returns to the White House               President Bush answers reporter's questions

 President George W. Bush and his National Security Team plan our response


President Bush visits "Ground Zero" and thanks the Rescue Workers, Firefighters and Volunteers

President George W. Bush delivers history making speech to Congress Sept. 20, 2001
"The course of this conflict is unknown, yet its outcome is certain, Freedom and fear, justice and cruelty, 
have always been at war, and we know that God is not neutral between them" President George W. Bush Sept. 20th,2001


An emotional President and First Lady attend the Memorial Services  for the Pentagon Victims


 Anthrax is mailed to media outlets and the Hart Senate office building


 Johnny "Mike" Spann was the  first combat casualty of "Operation Enduring Freedom"


Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld visits troops in Afghanistan


U.S. humanitarian food drops for the Afghan People        U.S. Troops set-up Camp Rhino         


Troops and supplies arrive in Afghanistan              U.S. Soldier on watch in Kabul 


      AC-130 Gun Ships arrive                           B-52 Bomber over Tora Bora  


              Camp Rhino at Sunset                             Deadly 15,000 Lb "Daisy Cutter" Bomb  


     Harrier Jet  lands in Kandahar                       CH-46 Helicopters on the move in Kabul 


        U.S. Embassy re-opens in Kabul         U.S. Soldier keeps watch at Kandahar Airport


Afghan Children celebrate after U.S. and Northern Alliance troops liberate them from the Taliban


With the repressive Taliban Regime defeated, girls can once again attend school


             Soldier hands out candy to the children      U.S. and N. Alliance Troops exchange Memento's 

My thoughts and observations as I look back on what transpired in Afghanistan

This Nation suffered an unprovoked attack on Sept. 11th, 2001 by the Global Terrorist Organization "Al-Qaeda" who were harbored by the Taliban leaders of Afghanistan and led by Osama bin Laden. In keeping with the finest traditions of this Nation and our Military, we did everything we could to spare innocent life in Afghanistan as we sought to bring those who planned and carried out the deadly attacks on 9/11 to justice.

Contrary to all the predictions of those who said "Operation Enduring Freedom" would be a quagmire similar to Vietnam and that millions of Afghan people would starve or freeze to death because of our Military actions. How wrong they were! Our brave men and women in uniform were dropping blankets and food long before the first bombs were dropped on the Taliban.  This great country of ours has had a long history of coming to the aid of those who are oppressed. Over the 230 year history of the United States of America, we have shed more blood in the defense of others, than we have defending ourselves. For those who say this struggle against terrorism is all about "oil" How sadly mistaken you are.

As we are on the brink of War with Iraq, We hear the same remarks  from those who would rather turn a blind eye to the gathering dangers that threaten our way of life and our freedom. If for no other reason, We owe it to those who lost their lives in "Operation Desert Storm" to resume the hostilities against Saddam Hussain because he has violated the cease fire agreement that allowed him to remain in power at the end of the Gulf War.  When Saddam Hussain is removed from power and the Iraqi people are liberated, once again we will see men, women and children running through the streets of Baghdad waving American Flags as they celebrate their liberation from one of the most brutal Dictators in history.

This Nation has always been freedom's defender and today we are called to it's defense once again. We will answer the call and when the conflict in Iraq is over, we will not take anything from the people of Iraq or their country. On the contrary, We will give liberty and freedom to the people of Iraq, and to the country of Iraq, we will leave it with a Representative Government as we mourn those we lost in freedom's defense and go home..... It's what we do!, 

 by Michael J. Young 

"Operation Iraqi Freedom"

Click HERE to listen to "Proud to be an American"


Commanders rallying the Troops for combat in Kuwait


Going Over last minute details on safety and operations


Last minute rest and preparations before battle     


Troops move into Iraq 1 day before air war starts


First night of bombing on Baghdad "Shock & Awe"


Soldier raises the American flag on his vehicle


American Soldiers rescuing the innocent as well as the enemy


Saddam Hussein's monuments destroyed and desecrated


U.S. Soldiers remove pictures of Saddam and take prisoners


Massive bombing and Tanks on the move


On the way to Baghdad and Marines taking over Baghdad Airport


Saddam is losing power, and the liberation of Iraq has begun


Female British Soldier accepts a flower from liberated Iraqi in the Town of Basra


Liberation of Iraq is being realized and appreciated and it shows in the faces of the children


Tanks roll into Baghdad as crowds gather to bring down the statue of Saddam

U.S. Marine drapes American flag over Saddam statue and quickly replaces it with the Iraqi flag

Iraqi's and American Marines topple Saddam statue while hundreds cheer


Statue falls and Iraqi's celebrate wildly and then vent their frustrations on it's head


Iraqi children happy to see U.S. Soldiers and another offering water to a Marine 


Iraqi's tearing down image of Saddam Hussein and tossing it into the river

Iraqi's express their disapproval of anti-war protestors who went to Baghdad as Human Shields


President Bush visits injured Marine at Bethesda Naval Hospital


President Bush issued an executive order that allows resident aliens who serve in the Military to bypass the normal waiting period and President Bush witnessed these two "Purple Heart" recipients to become U.S. Citizens 


President Bush is clearly moved after visiting injured Soldiers

"People across this country are praying. They are praying that they hope those families and loved ones will find comfort and grace in their sorrow. We pray that God will bless and receive each of the fallen, and we thank God that liberty found such brave defenders" George W. Bush, 03/26/03


The cost of freedom has come at a high price for our bravest

A prayer for the fallen, God Bless them and their families


The prayers of millions were answered when the seven POW's were rescued 

President Bush will always be remembered as the liberator of Iraq


President Bush (co-pilot) makes historic landing on the deck of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln 


President Bush receives a heroes welcome from the Sailors aboard the Lincoln


President Bush shakes hands with his co-pilot and then greets the other pilots


President Bush posed for pictures with many of the 5000+ crew members  

President Bush prepares to address the Nation as he walks towards the podium

President Bush announces the end of major combat operations in "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

 "Thank you all very much. Admiral Kelly, Captain Card, officers and sailors of the USS Abraham Lincoln, my fellow Americans: Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed. (Applause.) And now our coalition is engaged in securing and reconstructing that country."

"In this battle, we have fought for the cause of liberty, and for the peace of the world. Our nation and our coalition are proud of this accomplishment -- yet, it is you, the members of the United States military, who achieved it." George W. Bush May 1st, 2003

~~~~~~~  Snip  ~~~~~~~

"In these 19 months that changed the world, our actions have been focused and deliberate and proportionate to the offense. We have not forgotten the victims of September the 11th -- the last phone calls, the cold murder of children, the searches in the rubble. With those attacks, the terrorists and their supporters declared war on the United States. And war is what they got." George W. Bush May 1st, 2003

~~~~~~~~  Snip  ~~~~~~~~

"In the images of celebrating Iraqis, we have also seen the ageless appeal of human freedom. Decades of lies and intimidation could not make the Iraqi people love their oppressors or desire their own enslavement. Men and women in every culture need liberty like they need food and water and air. Everywhere that freedom arrives, humanity rejoices; and everywhere that freedom stirs, let tyrants fear." George W. Bush May 1st, 2003

~~~~~~~~   Snip   ~~~~~~~~

"The war on terror is not over; yet it is not endless. We do not know the day of final victory, but we have seen the turning of the tide. No act of the terrorists will change our purpose, or weaken our resolve, or alter their fate. Their cause is lost. Free nations will press on to victory." George W. Bush May 1st, 2003

~~~~~~~~  Snip  ~~~~~~~

"We are mindful, as well, that some good men and women are not making the journey home. One of those who fell, Corporal Jason Mileo, spoke to his parents five days before his death. Jason's father said,  He called us from the center of Baghdad, not to brag, but to tell us he loved us. Our son was a soldier. Every name, every life is a loss to our military, to our nation, and to the loved ones who grieve. There's no homecoming for these families. Yet we pray, in God's time, their reunion will come. Those we lost were last seen on duty. Their final act on this Earth was to fight a great evil and bring liberty to others." George W. Bush May 1st, 2003

During President Bush's State of the Union address to Congress in January, 2003 he made this statement: 

"Americans are a free people, who know that freedom is the right of every person and the future of every nation. The liberty we prize is not America's gift to the world, it is God's gift to humanity" 

I believe this is what "Operation Iraqi Freedom" is all about 

Updated 8/20/03

God Bless America

"Let's Roll"

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