Joe's Auto Body

4100 Howard Ave. Kensington, Md.   Ph# 301-564-1288 Fax# 301-564-1374

Serving Kensington and the Surrounding Communities Since 1974

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~~ Company History ~~

     Joe's Auto Body was founded by Joe McGrath in 1974, When Joe was a teenager, he successfully completed an auto body vocational training course in the Montgomery Co. School system, and shortly after high school in 1968 he volunteered to serve his country in the United States Marine Corps and was soon on his way to Vietnam to defend our nations policy, To rid the world of Communist oppression. While serving his country along with his fellow Marines, Joe was severely injured by an enemy land mine, and was awarded the Marine corps "Purple Heart" for his injuries and sacrifices while serving his country. Joe returned home 11months later to start a long slow recovery, while recovering he would earn pocket money repairing vehicles in our family garage. In 1973 Joe decided he needed to rent a warehouse to keep up with the flow of customers he was obtaining. Joe found a small warehouse in Kensington Md. that was perfect for what he needed. It was to be the home of Joe's Auto Body & Custom Painting Inc. when Joe incorporated the business in 1974. It quickly became a shop that was noted for it's honesty, it's fair prices and the highest quality work.

     Joe hired several young apprentices that he would pass along his knowledge of the trade and his unequaled work ethics and dedication to his customers, many of Joe's apprentices went on to successful careers whether it was the auto body trade or some other career. The work ethics that Joe demanded from his employees were the building blocks to success in their lives no matter what direction they headed, I for one, am forever grateful for the tools of life that I received from Joe, and the trade I would learn in the seven years I worked for Joe McGrath, Joe hired me (His young Cousin) at the age of sixteen in 1976 and with the training I received over the years working for Joe McGrath, I was able to go out on my own and make room for the next young apprentice fortunate enough to be hired by Joe and receive the training one needs to be a productive member of this trade.

    As the years passed, Joe's business continued to grow and was well respected in the business community, By now Joe had been serving the Kensington community for 15 years and was enjoying his weekends in the Northern neck of Virginia where he had built a second home and had obtained some commercial property, which would eventually be the future site of Wicomico Auto Body, which he has, once again, taken a one man operation and made a success story out of it, In the spring of 1988 Joe had made up his mind that he wanted to make Virginia his permanent home and he asked me if I would like to take over the responsibilities to his customers and the business he built over the past 15 years, I was working for Criswell Chevrolet at the time as a body man and was nothing short of flattered that Joe had the faith in me to take over the business he built from a completely empty warehouse to the successful business it was. I looked forward to the day when I could try to carry on the tradition of honesty and top quality work of Joe's Auto Body. In November 1988 Joe was ready to move his home to Heathsville Virginia and leave his customers in my hands, Till this day I am very proud of the name "Joe's Auto Body" and will continue to do my best to serve the customers that Joe's Auto Body has earned the trust of, and keep the reputation of top quality work and most of all, honesty.

Michael J. Young

 President of Joe's Auto Body since Nov, 1988