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Fact or Fiction

Fiction.....Your Insurance company decides where you have your vehicle repaired

Fact..........You have the right to choose the shop of your choice, despite any direct repair facilities or pro shops they are under contract with, the choice is always yours and yours alone.


Fiction......You are responsible for any charges above your insurance companies estimate.

Fact..........The estimate your insurance company gives you, is just that, an estimate. When the vehicle undergoes repairs the repair facility occasionally finds additional damage. It is our duty to contact your insurance company and get approval for the additional repairs needed


Fiction.....Once your vehicle has been an accident the car will never be the same.

Fact..........An accident can change your vehicles original dimensions, With today's technology in collision repair we will restore your vehicle to its original tolerances and the PPG refinishing products that we use, in many cases surpasses the factory standards for gloss and rust protection.


Fiction.....Your vehicles value is diminished after an accident

Fact..........When choosing a body shop you need to know if they can restore your vehicle to its pre accident condition, It takes training and state of the art equipment to restore your vehicle to its pre accident condition and we at Joe's Auto body have all the necessary equipment and training to Guarantee that your car will be restored to its pre accident condition


Fiction.....Once your vehicle has been repaired the paint will never match.

Fact..........Joe's Auto Body uses the industries leading paint matching technology provided by PPG refinishing products, with our constantly updated formulas we can match your vehicles original finish, both in color and gloss. We guarantee it.